Fancy Dog Beds

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I’ve been taking a look at some different options for dog beds in the last few weeks. My dog is getting old and it’s time that she got an upgrade from the one she’s using now. Anyway, while I was browsing around, I found some really fancy dog beds that looks quite unique. So I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you of sleepy and tired dogs in this first post here. But first, I’ll explain to you how I came across these luxury pet beds.

My dog have been using the same bed for many years now, and we are both happy with it. She thinks it’s comfortable, and it’s easy for me to wash and keep clean. But now it’s starting to break in some places after being used to much. When looking for a new one online, I couldn’t have imagined how exclusive and fancy some of the dog beds are. I just wanted a regular one that feels good for my pet to sleep in, but the ones that popped up looked like they were designed for royalty or someone with shiploads of money.

In the end, I managed to find one that fits my needs, and my dog is very happy with it as well. For those of you who are in the same seat as I was, there is a site that I found very useful. It describes and compares multiple options that are available of dog beds for small dogs so it was easier for me to make a decision. I almost forgot to mention that my little pet is a Havanese, and not very big. Other times when I need to look up something, or learn something new about how to take care of my dog, I usually go to this website for advice.

In my opinion, even though it is an ordinary and regularly priced alternative that I chose, it still feels like one of the fancy dog beds to me. It is machine washable and has a special kind of memory foam that is very therapeutic for joint health. At least that’s what I’ve read. At first I thought it would be difficult choosing a good pet bed over the internet, considering it should have a specific size to be suitable. But there was not problem at all in the process for me. Everything went very smoothly and I didn’t even have to leave the house.

The Images

So that was the whole story about how I found the fancy dog beds, and how I got one for my own pet. Now to the pictures I mentioned that would be included with this post.

sleepy dog fancy dog beds

another dog

I believe that much can be told about a dogs current state by just looking at their eyes, and from what I can tell from these pictures, they all feel like taking a nap.

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